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December 10, 2010


EGA Service is a consulting company specializing in computer-aided design of both electronics and hardware for technical products.

The pictures below are from recent projects.



EGA Service AB was founded in 1972 and started off  by developing and manufacturing various audio/video cassette equipment. One of EGA Service most sold products, the EGA Rewinder, has been produced since 1982 with more than 2900 units sold in over 20 countries. It was a high quality product with exceptional reliability, designed for heavy duty operation and long service life.  
In the mid nineties EGA Service AB stopped developing analogue cassette equipment and has since worked with various product realizations and advanced technical projects. Some of these works are mentioned below.

Consulting work for Engineering AB.

Design and development of equipment for the manufacturing of DVD disks (A special, advanced and patented, method for gluing DVD substrates. Patent: 640 2880)

Part owner, 25%, of DTL Development AB 1999-2005.

Work on the design and development of electronics and mechanics and assembling of strain gages in vehicles. The product was designed for measuring the mechanical forces in the front part of cars, in order to determine the friction between the road surface and the wheels of the vehicle.

Consulting work at Doxa Technology Ltd.

Work on the development of hardware and software for a neutron generator data collector, Program Daisy Lab, with more than 50 channels. The product is used for research and the detection of neutrons.

Design and production of Medical equipment

Multichannel pump for a “subkutan-infusion” injection pump, with 1-4 injectors that are emptied after 30-60 minutes. EGA service designed and developed the electronics, the mechanics and manufactured a prototype.

TIG welding of pipes

Mechanics and electronics for automatic guidance of a welding nozzle for Tig welding of pipes, the pipes being welded both from the outside and the inside during the production. Typical pipe diameter is 120-500 millimeter.

Six color CD/DVD-printer

CAD design of a 6 color DC-printer utilizing ink jet heads. 24 ink jet heads applies droplets on CD disks. Typical speed; 1 disk per second.

Design, development and production of equipment for rehabilitation of disabled persons.

The purpose of the equipment is to enhance bone structure and strength. The equipment consists of a platform that can vibrate, turn, move up and down with adjustable speed and frequency. The patient can be suitably secured on the platform, depending on the severity and type of disability.

Packing CD disks

Design and development of packing equipment for CD disks. 1-24 disks can be packed per box. The equipment contain PCL guidance with 184 in and out connections, 5 step-motors, 26 DC motors and other features.

Crib for children

Design of a crib for children. The crib can be attached to a normal interior door or wall.
Link to Sovgunga, www.sovgunga.se

Customized electronic box

Design of a customized box for electronic cars equipment, including freeform production and the design of free form injection tools.

Fuel sensor

Design of a  fuel sensor for determining the percentage of ethanol in gasoline, including freeform design and design of form injection tools.


Design of water box and temp-sensor.
Link to Solvatten, www.solvatten.se

Hopp o Lek

Responsible for hardware design and manufacturing of the product.
Link to Hopp o Lek, www.hoppolek.se

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EGA Service AB is located in Lidingö just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Office hours from 8.30 a.m. to 17.30 p.m..

Address: EGA Service AB, Drabantvägen 6B, S-181 65 Lidingö, Sweden
E-mail: nils@egaservice.se
Phone: +46-8-766 37 33, +46-70-606 37 33

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